Beginning of Year Housekeeping

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Creating Your CMCSS Personalized Signature

Logger Lite
Logger Pro
Elementary now has Logger Lite and Logger Pro 3 software.

Logger Lite Quick Reference

Logger Pro 3 Quick Reference Manual
Added features of Logger Pro:
  • video and picture analysis tools
  • enter data without a probe

This is what you can do:

Discovery Education
Our district is currently exploring the Science and Social Techbooks.
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Updating Your Apple Computer
OS X 10.9 is now available! Be sure to update your computers soon! You will need to use
Username: App
Password: (ask your tech coach)
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Updating Your Teacher Webpage

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Linking a Document to Your Teacher

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Using CMCSS EResources

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Connecting to the CMCSS-WIFI or STAFF-WIFI
This is the Wifi connection for teachers and staff to use so they
can access sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

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Using the CMCSS Server
District Server, Directions
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Reserving Technology Resources in Your Building
Click Here to See if a Technology Resource is Available

Turning in a Technology Work Order
How to Turn in A Work Order

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Locating the Student PIN Number

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Setting Up a
Contact Group