Tools I love for 2013-14

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Information Sources

Awesome Stories

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AwesomeStories chooses age-old stories, current events, and 21st century media; researches context and presents organized relevant primary sources to fuel lessons supporting teachers in engaging students in active learning, developing critical thinking skills, and constructing knowledge. Each captivating story links to relevant primary resources, building a rich context for the story, and enabling a story to support deeper study and cross-curricular instruction.

Topics Include:

Famous Trials
The Arts

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Discovery Education

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Find more than 4,000 digital videos and 40,000 content-specific segments covering every core subject. Our district-wide subscription also includes foreign-language video content and more than 1,000 closed-captioned titles. Get your username and password today! Ask me for your school code!


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This site works much like Pinterest — a way to catalog online resources on a topic and share them with the user’s social network. It looks like a digital bulletin board with pictures and messages, and connects with Facebook accounts. In fact, the site’s “learning boards” look quite a bit like Facebook’s timeline feature, and Facebook membership is required to use Learnist at this point.

Teaching Channel

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Teaching Channel is a video showcase—on the Internet and TV—of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools. K-12
• Build professional learning resources that teachers want
• Deepen and improve opportunities for teacher learning
• Elevate and celebrate teachers in our society

Digital Publishing Tools


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Designed for K-12 teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. Students publish posts and participate in academic discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs and user accounts.

Today's Meet

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Online chat room using micro-blogging to allow students to post responses while reading and responding to others' ideas. Start a room for your class in just minutes.


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Use Evernote as a digital notebook during research or even just a place to showcase student work for your learning community. Everything you add to your account is automatically synced and made available on all the computers, phones and tablets you use, at home or at school.
Things to save in your Evernote notebook:
  • text
  • audio
  • images
CMCSS- example


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Allow students to write and respond with this student response system.
You create educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
Question formats include:
  • short answer
  • multiple choice graded with instant feedback
  • true false
  • exit tickets
  • space races

Gone Google Story Builder

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Allow students to create stories with characters, add music, and get a link for publishing.
In Social Studies, students could create dialogues between historical (or present day) figures.

In Reading, students could retell stories in a unique way.

Just another way to allow students to publish in a unique and easy way. No account needed for students to post images, compose text, and finally share a link with others. Without an account Tackks expire in one week of the creation or with an account they do not expire. Great ideas for this tool include book trailer posters, vocabulary posters, how to posters, or math explanations.

Efficiency Tools


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Watch how it works!
This is a creative and very attractive way to social bookmark websites for students to find without ever typing urls.
Allows the teacher to:
  • Access bookmarks from any computer
  • Backup bookmarks
  • Share and Update Bookmarks Efficiently
CMCSS example


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Watch how it works!
This tool in conjunction with google forms is for 3-12 grade teachers that don't have time to grade papers and want a report detailing student performance.


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Using the CMCSS domain in Edmodo teachers can create an online classroom environment for their students to participate in by turning in assignments, holding conversations, getting important updates, and embedding student work. In school or not, this classroom never stops.

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