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Understanding Math Standards

Online Math Manipulatives


McGraw Hill Math Manipulatives
This site allows students a workspace for math manipulatives sorted by grade level and manipulative. Filled with mind mapping tools, work mats, game boards, story boards, and lots of manipulatives. This site works very well with common core standards and can be use with the mobile lab, centers, or even whole group instruction.
Find Ideas for 1st and 2nd Grade Here

A great individual student or whole group resources that supports fact fluency. In the early grades, practice number bond to 10 or making ten with basic facts. As student progress, this site offers data interpretation, multiplication, division, and place value just to name a few.

Math Vocabulary

National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives - NLVM
Wide range of manipulatives for preK-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 levels. Each java applet includes instructions, a list of activities for the manipulative, a Teacher/Parent link with detailed information including objectives, lesson plans, extensions, assessment materials and cross references. A Standards button links to NCTM standards for that particular manipulative and the skills it covers at each grade level.
NCTM: Illuminations - NCTM ILLUM
This partnership between NCTM and MarcoPolo provides dozens of virtual math manipulatives with lessons divided by grade level and correlated to NCTM standards. Each searchable lesson has detailed plans – many are enhanced with activity sheets and related web resources.

Math Playground Manipulatives
Welcome to Math Playground, an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!

Ambleweb Numeracy Hour
This is a BBC site that has wonderful virtual manipulatives! The difficulty level moves from concept introduction to mental math! There are powerful activities for many concepts. (Ex. Angles and Using Protractors)

Algebra Tiles
This is an interactive algebra tiles website.


Software Math Manipulatives


Kidspiration3 Center Templates can be found in Shannon Davenport's Public Folder at

Interwrite Software Free Download

Numbers & Operations

Math Live
  • At least one larger Object Interactive. Each Object Interactive has two modes:
  • Short Video Interactive. Each Video Interactive has a 60-90 second Quick Time video.
  • Support Materials:
    Video Interactive (About, Print Activity)
    Object Interactive (Print Activity, Learning Strategies, Help)

Practice Math Facts




Measurement and Money

Data Analysis & Probability

Center Ideas

This site has simple and effective activities to provide practice with math concepts. The activities dealing with area and perimeter are very useful for elementary grades 3-5. (Perimeter Explorer, Area Explorer, Shape Builder, Shape Explorer)

KS2 Bitesize - KS2
This website from the UK put out by the BBC houses math manipulatives under three sections:
Shape, Space, and Measures
Handling Data
Each section then contains multiple manipulatives with a basic section, extended learning, and quiz.

BBC Fractions

Harcourt School
It is a great virtual math site for grades 3-6 and provides downloadable reporting sheets.

Math Playground
Welcome to Math Playground, an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!